Bachelorette Waiters Mackay

With bodies to die for, making even the Ancient Greek Gods jealous our professional and highly trained staff will attend to your every need with perfection and poise.

Charming and charismatic you will be wooed by our hunky Mackay Male Waiters boyish mannerisms. With a touch of cheek and lively personality they will greet your guests, making each lady feel welcome. Providing efficient drink and waiter service, our guys are not unaccustomed to being gawked at.

The hot glistening Australian and exotic hotties we have at Stiletto Strippers will ensure you the perfect assortment to satisfy every palate at your party.


Start the night off right and have our hunky, handsome topless waiters serve your drinks and nibbles. Their presence alone will create an electric atmosphere allowing your friends to quickly relax in the company of male splendour.


Take it up a notch and have our guys mix with the crowd dressed only in skimpy G-Strings. Very little will be left to the imagination as your female guests admire the gorgeous, toned and muscular physiques of our Mackay Male Waiters.

At Stiletto Strippers we will take care of everything. Providing you with perfectly groomed topless hunks. You will be left to enjoy the manscape with your friends … Relaxing.

You will be left feeling exhausted and elated all at the same time. Our Professional Mackay Male Stripers have a way of entrancing their female viewers.

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