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Bachelorette Waiters Hunter Valley

Are you planning a Party? After you have figured out the guest list, drinks, food and other essentials there is one thing left to resolve. THE ENTERTAINMENT?

Stiletto Strippers have the answer to your dilemma! Hunter Valley Waiters!

 Hire a buff butler or two from Stiletto Strippers for your next occasion. Our Hunter Valley Waiters are the best in the business, proudly displaying their hot bodies for the viewing pleasure of ladies. We have everything you need to turn a Bachelorette Party, Girls’ Night Out, Work or Christmas Party into something spectacular. Start the night off with a couple of our hunky butlers and see where the night takes you.

Our topless Hunter Valley waiters are here to serve your needs. Is it drinks and nibbles you are after? Let our professional sexy Hunter Valley Waiters make the evening shine by providing your refreshments. Topless Not Enough? Take it one step further and have your handsome hosts dressed in only a G-string. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised as they enter the room to be greeted by a hunky Adonis with a smile that will brighten your night, making you glad to be alive.

The guys know how to get the party going and bring electricity into the air with confidence they will cater to the individual needs of your occasion, obligingly ready to help in any way to make your night truly unforgettable.

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