Calling all ladies! This one is for you. Have you ever wandered what it would be like to have a group of topless, hunky male waiters provide service for your party? Well now is the time to find out about it.


Private parties are probably one of the most common places where you will see the services of hot, hunky male waiters. Mingling amongst the crowd of ladies, topless with their pecs on show. Getting the picture yet ladies. Let me paint some more.

You arrive at your best friends Hens Night being held at her place overlooking the water somewhere on the Central Coast. You assume it is going to be the same old type of Hens Party, ladies chatting, music playing not much atmosphere at all. What a shock and might I say a pleasant one at that, you get when the door is opened you are just about floored by the Greek God lookalike who greets you. A sexy, handsome topless waiter smiles at you with a cheeky grin to cap it off. Well hasn’t your mood just changed. Skilfully balanced in his hand is a drink tray with champagne flutes which he professionally offers you (add in another cheeky smirk here). Well you just can’t wait to catch up with the girls who you see at the far end of the room all happily chatting with great enthusiasm. It is at this point that you notice another, yes that’s right there are two of them, these hunky waiters making his way amongst the guests with a tray filled with food offering nibbles to guests.

At this point you can’t wait any longer. With long strides you cover the space of the room to get to the girls. Your eyes say it all (what is going on here, yes this is great, loving it, having your checked him out, OMG!). Their responses are immediate with giggles and childlike smirks you all eye one another and send thanks to the heavens for delivering such handsome waiters to start off the party. This is going to be a far better night that what you had imagined.


This is the pure and simple effect that hunky male waiters can have on a party. Transforming the feelings and atmosphere from drab to fab in one instance. From the moment your guests walk in the door they will be floored by the magnificence of these brawny, hunky male waiters. But it doesn’t stop there. For the duration of their engagement these men are happy to mingle and chat up a storm with you and your guests injecting life and energy. They will host party games for your pleasure helping to make your night memorable.

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