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Stiletto Strippers have the largest selection of sexy, handsome Gold Coast Male Waiters to cater and host your next ladies evening.

  • Bachelorette Party
  • Ladies Night
  • Birthday Party

The options are endless. If you are getting a group of your lady friends together and want to liven up the atmosphere our professional hunky Gold Coast Male Waiters are the perfect aperitif . They will spoil each of your guests, greeting them upon arrival and happily mingling and showing off their hot pecs – chiseled abs and other packages and assets which have being bestowed upon them by mother nature.


A topless Gold Coast Male Waiter is the best way to get a party off on the right foot. Inject some eye candy amongst all that oestrogen and you will have a party with life and vibrancy. The ladies will mingle and talk whilst taking in the hunky male butlers moving amongst the crowd, serving drinks and food.


Take it up a notch ladies and spoil yourself with our luscious G-String Waiters. Very little is left to the imagination as our sexy Gold Coast Male Waiters host your party dressed in nothing more than a skimpy G-String.

Take a walk on the wild side ladies. Contact Stiletto Strtippers for your next parties entertainment.