Everybody knows about bikini, lingerie & topless waitresses. They have been hired for their hot bodies, good looks and personalities for effective promotional purposes and private party entertainment for millennia. It is no wonder they are so popular. With their killer bodies, divine looks and outgoing personalities they are truly an asset that cannot be overlooked.

One industry in particular which benefits from the hiring of sexy, hot bikini, lingerie & topless waitress is Hospitality. Savvy publicans have maximised the beauty of sexy ladies to draw in crowds for ever and a day.


Through strategic advertising and word of mouth publicans know the effect that having sexy bikini, lingerie & topless waitresses can have on business. Like moths to a flame the knowledge of sexy ladies at the local public bar travels like wildfire through word of mouth drawing in the hordes of men for a quiet beer, chinwag and gazing at the sultry, ladies on show.


Yes, as a condition of their employment all bikini, lingerie & topless waitresses must be over the age of 18 and have current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training and certification in the appropriate state. This offers publicans the knowledge that the staff they are hiring are not only drop dead gorgeous, but know how to pull a beer as well as a crowd. Additionally, they are licenced to serve alcohol and will adhere all relevant liquor licencing laws. Typical other ways which publicans maximise their hired sexy assets is for the selling and promotion of raffle tickets and other revenue making ideas. With their killer personalities and easy going nature, you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective a weekly engagement of sultry and sexy bikini, lingerie and topless waitresses can be for business.


Private party hire is probably one of the leading places where bikini, lingerie & topless waitresses can be seen. Adding a feminine touch through the injection of hot, sexy, busty bikini, lingerie, topless and in the case of private parties even nude waitresses will have only positive effects on a party’s atmosphere. Imagine the jaw dropping reactions from your mates as they arrive and are greeted by a sexy, busty, lingerie, topless or nude waitress. With a natural intoxicating personality these ladies will transform a normal night into an extraordinary night of fun and laughter.

Happy to mix and mingle with the crowd your chosen beauties will provide exceptional hosting, serving drinks and food while you and your mates enjoy the football, poker, buck’s night or whatever event you have underway.

You can’t beat the addition of bikini, lingerie, topless or nude waitresses. If you are a publican on the central coast or are holding a party this weekend from Newcastle to Sydney contact the leading providers of sexy waitresses at Stiletto Strippers.