Prominent hunky exotic dancers for your Bachelorette Party

A Bachelorette Party is a great excuse to have a classy fun night with all your girlfriends with the perfect blend of naughty. As the matron of honour you have been charged with the responsibility of giving the bride a night to remember filled with fun and laughter.


What better way to start your Bachelorette Party than with a couple of hunky hosts at a private party. Our confident bachelors will serve you drinks and food while offering high quality eye candy. From the second our ripped guys enter the room, the chatting will start and all the ladies will be slipping casual glances in their direction. Happy to chat with the girls and interacting throughout the evening. Our topless waiters are more than willing to facilitate activities, including drinking games and anything else you come up with.

If topless is not raunchy enough, why not ensure that the waiters you are hiring for your Bachelorette Party are willing to G-string. This will definitely get the tongues wagging and bring up the heat in the room.


Make the night a complete success and bring in the big guns. Our wild boy professional strippers can take the party as far you are willing to go. They will perform their routines with vigour and enthusiasm, putting it all on the line for the satisfaction of your guests.

Being professionals, you are guaranteed to have attractive men with all the trimmings (chiselled abs, tight but, biceps and pecs to die for) who know how to put on a show and get the crowd on their feet. The adrenalin will begin to flow and you will feel the air automatically get hotter as the chemistry and electricity begins to flow.

Your bride’s fantasy date has just arrived and has he got something to show her! Slowly, with a touch of rawness, your exotic dancer will peel off the layers to reveal what nature has gifted him with. Your striptease can go to G-string or perhaps, for that extra wild moment, take it the whole way and cap off the night with a full Monty.

Have a look through the profiles of our hunky hosts and select your favourite. What you see is what you will definitely get. Then contact us or book online at Stiletto Strippers!