Bucks Party! Bachelor Party! Stag Night!

Whichever way you look at it they are a celebration of a man’s transition from a life of bachelorhood to married life. This is a big step and often your mates want to throw you a special night of fun and frivolity to end and era and start a new one.


We are not talking about your garden variety waitresses which you find at the local café or restaurant. We are talking much more exotic here. Cast your imagination out and conjure up a drop dead, sexy hot lady greeting your mates as they arrive at your chosen venue. These sexy, busty ladies are dressed in the most divine lingerie you can imagine. Better yet these sexy ladies are topless or even more naked. Yes, that rights I said it. You are being greeted at the door for your mate’s bucks party buy a goddess dressed in Whew! Nothing except a pair of heels which accentuate and heighten every curve of her body.

This is only the beginning. Once all the guests arrive and have overcome the shock of these gorgeous beauties amongst them. The drinks food and fun can begin. The smoking hot sexily dressed lingerie, topless or nude waitresses will wait on you and your mates. Why get a drink when our lovely waitresses will get it for you? All you need to do is enjoy the company of your mates and let the good times flow. With exceptionally outgoing personalities our waitresses are not shy and will happily mingle with you and your mates, hosing party games.


Time for the next level of entertainment boys! Queue the strippers. The organiser of your party definitely understood the meaning of entertainment and fun and has gone one step further and hired a seductive erotic dancer or stripper to perform for you. At this stage I want to let you know that there are many levels of strippers available all with different talents and levels of risky and raunchy. Lucky you guys got the elite. A smoking hot, busty sexy lady walks in the door. From the moment she enters she commands your attention.

Queue the music. At the second the music kicks in the show begins. Your selected stripper will seductively and tantalising remove her clothing making you writhe and wriggle as you are all captivated by the raunchy wild show being given you. At the end there are sighs of relief.


The answer is very simple and process even more simplistic. Review the profiles of the sexy waitresses and strippers we have available for hire at Stiletto Strippers. Once you have narrowed down your selection take note of their individual skills and talents and shows which are performed. Make your final selection and send through an enquiry to Stiletto Strippers. We will be in touch to confirm your booking and finalise all the details.